'The Blacklist' Season 4 Updates: Truth On Liz And Reddington To Be Revealed In Upcoming Season

The upcoming "The Blacklist" season four will be revealing a lot more about Liz and Reddington's connection more than it ever did in the past three seasons. It has been assured that the forthcoming season will be answering more questions now.

More Truth About Liz's Past Will Be Revealed In Upcoming "The Blacklist" Season 4

During the season three finale of "The Blacklist," Liz was seen abducted by Alexander Kirk, a man who claims to be his father. For those follow the series intently, their first instinct was to doubt Kirk's identity and question whether or not he really is Liz's father. However, according to the executive producer Jon Bokencamp, Kirk's declaration should be taken in all seriousness.

When actress Megan Boone was asked about what she knows, she admitted that she also knows as much as the fans do. She doesn't know what Liz and Reddington's connection is and she believes it is best to keep it that way, making it easier for her to stay in character.

Connection Of Liz's Mother And Reddington Will Unfold In Upcoming Season

The upcoming season of "The Blacklist" will also reveal more about Liz's real mother as they investigate the identity of Alexander Kirk. They will be discovering journals and more that will connect her mother to Reddington. It has been assured that the upcoming season will finally reveal more and more about Liz's past and may eventually reveal what her connection is to Reddington.

Alexander Kirk's true intentions of coming back to Liz's life are also going to be proven early on in the season and the answer to that will be another big twist to the fans of the series. His true motives for abducting Liz will surprise the fans and it will definitely make things more complicated than they already are.

"The Blacklist" Episode 1 Will Premiere On September 22, Entitled "Esteban"

The first episode of "The Blacklist" season four will be entitled "Esteban" and filming has already started way back in July. Actor Ryan Eggold also shared that his character, Tom will be able to reunite with Liz and Agnes soon, as he will do whatever it takes to get back to them. There is also a lot more going to be revealed about Scottie, the woman who claims to be Tom's mother.

"The Blacklist" season four will premiere on September 22 and more truths shall then unfold as it progresses.


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