Pokemon Go Plus Review: How Does It Go So Far?

By Sarene Mae Butao , Sep 17, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

So far, after months since the launch of Pokemon game, there are unavoidable frustrations related to the gaming experience for Pokemon Go. The problems are not just about server issues - which were also automatically addressed, but it dwells on the overall design of the game. Examples of these are The Pokemon Egg Hatching and the Pokemon Buddy Walking System. Both of these require players to leave the app open. This is quite draining the battery, and it is also not convenient for the user since other apps could not be simultaneously used. It becomes necessary to have the Pokemon Go app opened for players to make progress within the game.

Pokemon Go makes the phone vibrate just for notifications. Based on the reports from Otakukart, users get disappointed as they mistake the notification to be of more important nature, but only to find out it is not. Nintendo, however, made a phone-compatible hardware that balances these annoying parts of the game. It is called Pokemon Go Plus. Pokemon Go Plus is a small device that can be clipped into the user's pocket or to their clothes. It can also be worn like a watch as it also includes a strap. The device has a Poke-ball inspired concept, and there is a multi-colored LED light in the middle of it.

According to VG247, the device relies on bluetooth. It also doesn't take a lot of time to have the device synced with the phone. It can be directly sync through the Pokemon Go app. This step is a simple means, just like linking other devices via Bluetooth. The device has a solid build, as expected from Nintendo's devices. This can withstand children's recklessness towards devices, since it is not that fragile. The design boasts of a slick-looking Pokemon brand, and it is just something that user can be proud of. 

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