‘Death Note’ Netflix Director Talks About Violence In The Film

By Monica Macalinao , Sep 17, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Adam Wingard of "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" and "You're Next" has established himself as a director who can make films that will thrill visually and has made a name for himself in the indie film scene. It was not a surprise then that Netflix tapped him to direct an adaptation of the popular manga series titled "Death Note."

He was interviewed by Collider and he discussed what the audience should expect in his version of "Death Note." He said that while "Blair Witch" was more mainstream horror, he feels that "Death Note" brought him back to the realm of the weird. He had likened his version to his 2014 film titled "The Guest" which follows the story of the Peterson family after their son died in action.

According to a report, "Death Note" movie which was originally going to be distributed by Warner Bros. was put into a halt. Fortunately, Netflix was able to pick it up.

The lenient rating system of Netflix gave Adam Wingard more freedom to whatever they want. He promised a lot of "nudity, swearing, and tons of violence." This will most likely please the fans of the manga series.
Adam Wingard said, "We can do whatever we want. That was the cool thing about it because it's an anime film. So, technically, it's a cartoon that you bring to life. To me, the thing about anime is that it's so adult-oriented."

For people who are not too familiar with the premise of "Death Note, " it really is pretty twisted. It follows the story of a student who stumbled upon a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill any name that he writes down. He uses this to kill off people that he thinks are not worthy, but when the deaths are piling up, a young detective started investigating the case.

Netflix has not released an exact date for the "Death Note"series premiere but expect it sometime in 2017.

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