'Narcos' Season 2 News And Updates: Pablo Escobar's Real-Life Son, Not Happy With The Series; Claims It Disrespects His Father

By Van V. , Sep 17, 2016 06:04 AM EDT

The second season of "Narcos" has been released on Netflix and fans get to revisit the life and tragic end of cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar.

The series was welcomed by fans and even managed to get positive feedbacks. However, Pablo Escobar's real-life son, Sebastian Marroquin or Juan Pablo Escobar, thinks otherwise.

"Narcos" Season 2's Inaccuracies Based On Pablo Esobar's Son

The 39 year old Escobar has been watching the series intently and has noted 28 inaccuracies and claims it "insults the history of an entire nation as well as many victims and families," as reported by Chron.

According to reports, Marroquin noted one of the grave errors on the show is the way it portrayed his uncle Carlos Henao. He claimed that his uncle "wasn't ever a drug dealer or lived in Miami."

He also added, "He was kidnapped and tortured with Francisco Toro, another innocent man and decent. How sad that Netflix has shown so many corpses with the posters of los pepes hung up, and they forgot to publish the images of the body of my uncle Carlos tortured in that respect they were identical and also public."

Marroquin also defended his mother and revealed that she never held a gun, much more shot one.

He also claimed that the show producers never shown respect to his father in depicting his story.

"The world is definitely upside-down, and history, it's clear, is told by anyone in any manner that pleases them. And on top of that, they prove to be popular without mattering how poorly told."

Since Marrouin was already a teenager when his father was tracked down and shot in 1993, many believed that his claims have some credibility to it.

Why Wagner Moura Is Happy To End His Character As Pablo Escobar?

Meanwhile, on-screen Pablo Escobar, Wagner Moura, expressed his sentiment about his character's demise. According to the actor, it was a triumphant goodbye to his character

"Pablo stops the car and looks at Medellin from up above, he's looking at the city and talking to [wife] Tata on the radio. It was a beautiful thing to finish my journey."

He also expressed his relief to finally let go of the controversial character. Moura shared that he had to gain 40 pounds to portray the role. Pablo Escobar's character has been attached to the actor for the past two years and he was really looking forward to shed it from himself.

"I need some time to really get rid of the whole thing, it's great to move on. But I look at these past two years and I look at the series with a lot of love and pride. I'm really happy and proud of what we did."

While fans await the return of "Narcos" Season 3, they can relive Pablo Escobar's journey in "Narcos" Season 2 on Netflix.

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