Does Skyrim Remastered Really Need PS4 Mods?

If there's one thing that fans are looking forward from Bethesda, it's no other than Skyrim Remastered. And as its release date nears, its momentum starts to snowball each day. Nevertheless, one of the biggest questions that need answer is: Will it sport PS4 mods? While it's safe to say that the closest answer is no, the future still remains uncertain. But really, does the upcoming title really need mods as soon as it hits the console?

Fans of Skyrim Remastered still has over a month to wait. And as soon as the date arrives, they can expect it to hit PS4, Xbox One and PC. Nevertheless, it seems not all of the them are eager for its arrival. As previously reported here at iTech Post, PS4 mods have been cancelled -- a move rooted from the console's owner Sony.

Obviously, this is a very huge deal breaker, most especially to the ones who pre-ordered Skyrim Remastered, as reported by Product Reviews. After all, modding gives players a unique kind of experience. Fortunately for those who owns PC and Xbox One, they can expect mods to work the way they did with other Bethesda games such as Fallout 4.

Sure enough, the issue with Sony's cancellation of PS4 mods is fresh -- especially to players anticipating Skyrim Remastered. Heck, it's even going to be a huge blow as soon as the latter arrives. As of now, fans can simply continue to hope that a miracle happens. Perhaps Sony resorts to do it, or Bethesda will go down into creating its very own mod support for the console.

There's no doubt that PS4 mods are a must in Skyrim Remastered. It's a way for players to enjoy the game from another perspective. So, in a sense, the cancellation is like a dagger stabbed into their hearts.

In related Skyrim Remastered news, players who are said to qualify for the game's free upgrade will get to have the original title as well as all the DLCs released after it. For those who didn't have the game nor the content, they can have it all if and only if they purchase them all at once.

What are your thoughts on Skyrim Remastered? Are you also saddened by the cancellation of PS4 mods? Let us know your answers at the comment section below!

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