Samsung Note 7 Will Re-enter The Market The Same Day As LG V20's Release

Samsung Note 7 will be back in the game on October 21. This is after weeks of controversies regarding the device's battery. Apparently, multiple cases have been reported regarding Note 7 battery explosion. Samsung's recall program has been going on for weeks, and now, it looks like the company is prepared for the next steps. According to recent news, Samsung's Note 7 replacement units are already about to be rolled out, and the company is set to put the device back on the market next month.

Samsung's Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Units Rolling Out

According to CNN, Americans who returned their Note 7 can finally pick up their replacement units on Wednesday. As per the reports, Note 7 users within the country are advised to get their replacements from their wireless carriers, from the retailers where they got the phone from, or from Samsung itself.

Now that the replacements are all prepped people to pick up, this also marks Samsung's readiness to put the Note 7 back on the market. Whether the phone will be as big of a hit that it has been when it was first launched, no one can tell just yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Go Back On Sale

According to a source, the Note 7 sales is set to resume October 21. Samsung will start the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea as early as next week. However, it would take a month longer before the device could go back to the US market.

The question that remains right now is if the Note 7 can pick up where it left off before the controversy. At this point in time, it's no longer about the Note 7's bad image, it could also be about the current market competition. Apple has already started selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. LG is also set to release their flagship phone LG V20 the same day as the Note 7's return. Google is also expected to release their own flagship phones by October. Right now, things may not exactly look very good for Samsung even though it's worth mentioning that the Note 7 is a mighty flagship phone. If the controversy did not start, it could actually give these other flagships a good competition.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Re-enters The Market As LG V20 Goes On Sale

However, the biggest hindrance to Note 7's second chance at success is probably the LG V20 as it would be released on the same day as the Samsung flagship. Not only is LG V20's reputation squeaky clean, it is also a relatively impressive device as well. 4 GB RAM, Android Nougat and 3200 mAH battery are no joke. Its second display screen is also a unique key selling point for the device. Nonetheless, fans have to wait a few weeks more before finding out Samsung's fate and if the V20 is indeed getting in the way for Samsung's re-entry.

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