2016 iMac To Sport AMD 400 Series GPU To Support VR Capability

By Olivia Dawn , Sep 20, 2016 03:58 AM EDT

Apple fans are done raving about the iPhone 7 and transferred their attention waiting for the 2016 iMac. Well, the long wait is almost over as the 2016 iMac will be released very soon along with features that will definitely please iMac fans.

2016 iMac Release Date

In a report published on Headlines & Global News, the 2016 iMac release is scheduled to take place on October this year.  As we all know, Apple recently released the macOS Sierra operating system and the 2016 iMac is pretty much expected to be the AIO PC every iMac fan has been hoping for. As an added bonus, the new 2016 iMac may feature Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

2016 iMac VR And AR Technology

The speculation that the 2016 iMac will be integrated with AR and VR technology might be partially true. Apparently, the iMac 2016 is going to be supplied with graphic cards from AMD. That being said, there is a possibility that the VR technology might still come true as it was revealed in the past that AMD's Polaris graphic cards have the ability to run VR technology. 2016 iMac fans know that the most recent iMac graphic cards are not powerful enough to run VR Tech, according to

2016 iMac Specs

A while back, Apple did not specify whether they will be using the new Radeon RX series from AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) or not; But as of today, it was revealed that none of AMD's Radeon RX series will be integrated in the 2016 iMac are starting to make more sense. It seemed like Apple was planning to use Intel's Kaby Lake to serve as 2016 iMac's processor as an upgrade earlier this year, but then again Kaby Lake may not be available just in time for its release. Hence, Apple has been wandering its eye and most likely leaning towards the AMD 400 Series GPU instead.

2016 iMac Features

The AMD graphics card is not the only thing that's coming to the 2016 iMac. There have been rumors that Apple was coordinating with LG Electronics in hopes to produce an ultra-clear monitor that supports a 5K display. This would make every gamer swoon when they play graphics-heavy video games. 2016 iMac will also include a 3.1 USB support and a Thunderbolt 3 port.


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