Pokemon Go News And Update: New Pokemon Nests Found Plus Increase Of Rare Spawn Rates

The spawn rates of Pokemon Go have suggestively increased. This was according to a thread in TheSilphRoad. Numerous players have then reported an observable increase of spawn rates, as well as they claimed to have seen new nests appearing in their local areas.

The increased spawn rates made are even supported by evidences from Pokemon Go forums, facebook groups and local subreddits. A whole lot of other evidences about the latest rise in the spawn rate and rare spawn rates were identified by the Pokemon Go Hub. These claims have not yet verified for all areas, except for Croatia. However, based on the local players' reactions, the spawn rates have actually raised higher.

Some of the reactions of players from the original reddit thread said that some of the Pokemons 'have not spawned with any degree of frequency nearby'. Then automatically, the spawn rates shot to higher rates nearby. According to this user, Ivysaur was the best example which did not spawn at a nest. There were also Tauroses and Pinsirs, and the occasional very rare pokemons. Another user said that a couple of houses down from the area is considered as a cluster spawn for pidgey, weedle and rattata. There were also occasional Tauros and the rare Magmar, but recently, Kabuto and Cubone also started spawning frequently. The user said that maybe the spawn's likelihood was increased.

Nests, however, did not migrate despite the 24-day gap since the last migration. According to BGR, new nests have also been reported by TheSilphRoad and in Pokemon GO forums. Fans are encouraged to take note of an appearance of new nests in their area. TheSilphRoad wants to be updated of these developments. Meanwhile, there are three types of nests that every Pokemon Go player must remember. They are the Cluster Spawn Nest, Frequent Area Nest, and the Frequent Point nest.


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