Spice Girls' Posh And Sporty To Be Replaced By Ellen And Kristen Bell?

What we really, really, really want is a Spice Girls reunion concert, but sad to say they won't be complete as Posh and Sporty opted not to reunite with their old band mates.

With that said, they are holding an audition for ladies who want to be a part of and become a new member of Spice Girls. Ellen and Kristen Bell didn't waste time to make an impression.

Ellen, a.k.a Basil and Kristen a.k.a Fresh Garlic created a video hoping they will be picked as the new members of Spice Girls. On the video, they used the legendary "Wannabe" song as their pitch to get the attention of the three remaining members of the girl band.

"We're the perfect choice for the new Spice Girls," DeGeneres said.

"Yeah, because I know a lot of dance moves," Bell added.

"And I know a lot of spices!" DeGeneres offers. "Smoked paprika! Rosemary! Thyme! Chili peppers! Uh, nutmeg!"

The iconic girl band will have their audition aired in a new BBC talent show. Ellen and Kristen might not have the talent and attitude to be a Spice Girl but their catchy nicknames might get them a spot.

"When the Spice Girls were at their biggest, I couldn't even really look at myself in the mirror because I didn't like what I saw," Mel C said in a tell-all chat with the Mail on Sunday's Event magazine. "I loved what we did as the Spice Girls and part of me will be Sporty Spice until I die.

We had one reunion [in 2007] and I didn't want to do that."But I was talked around and it was the right thing to do, we had a great time and then we played at the closing ceremony for the Olympics in 2012. That to me was where [the Spice Girls] should have been laid to rest. Sometimes you just have to say no," she quipped.

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