Amazon To Sell Kindle Books In Brick And Mortar Stores

The emergence of the Amazon Kindle was almost the fall of printed books. It has been thriving since. Now, Amazon has made a bold move. The company will open another brick-and-mortar store. The bookstore will sell Kindle books and printed copies.

A Brick And Mortar Store

Amazon is set to open a brick and mortar store in Legacy Place mall, Dedham, Massachusetts. According to the Boston Globe, stores will also open in San Diego, Seattle and Portland. Amazon may also open in Chicago and New York.

The store is almost a one stop shop of books and Amazon's electronic gadgets. It will sell Kindle e-readers, Fire tablet computers and Echo smart-home devices. The catch is its online and in-person retail system.

Keith Anderson of Profitero said that it's like a Trojan horse. Normally, online retail does not allow an electronic device to be tested. This might discourage the consumer in buying the said product. He added that Amazon has gotten much better at helping people discover things.

However, he admitted that there's something special about a physical store. Online shopping can't live up to the experience of going to a store. People can actually browse and see what they are purchasing.

That's what the in-person retail offers. The person can try it out first. The book or device is more likely to be sold. They can just grab a hard copy. It will be shipped to their homes.

According to Geek Wire, the books are top-rated ones. It was selected based on customer ratings, pre-orders, sales, popularity on Goodreads and Amazon curators' assessments. This was revealed by Amazon Books VP Jennifer Cast. She added that the store is a physical extension of the website.

The store's online retail allows customers to download an e-book. Thus, people have options. It caters to people who prefer reading books online. Or those who still appreciate the good old books in the shelves.

Amazon Kindle And Printed Books

Reading printed books used to be the norm. It had been that way for centuries. Inquisitr mentioned that tangible paper feels more personal. Older readers value these books. Some people have a vast collection in their homes. Libraries have even the oldest books ever published.

Book enthusiasts don't mind the weight or size of the books. It doesn't matter if it's heavy or too big. Bookworms will agree that it all boils down to the content. It's not about the platform one is using to read it.

A tangible book symbolizes a rich history in publication. The birth of the Amazon Kindle might have compromised it for portability. The advancement in technology risks the death of classics in a way.

Of course, classical books have their own e-book equivalent. Kindle books were first released in 2007. Amazon became the undisputed leader in the e-reader category back in 2010. By 2011, their Kindle books had outsold the traditional prints. In fact, 115 Kindle books were sold for every 100 paperbacks.

A person can have his own library in a device. Kindle made this possible. It does not require such space in one's home. Kindle devices also let you listen to music while reading an e-book. The perks have outshone the discomfort of having an actual book to hold.

Amazon's Path To Success

Amazon's success has always been detrimental to Barnes and Noble. It comes out on top. Amazon is able to adapt to current trends. They always consider their consumer's comfortability in using the products. It's not just portable and convenient to use. It keeps up with the change in technology.

Amazon is now hiring managers and retail associates for the store in Dedham. That's nearly 20 positions available. This move could rival that of Apple's iPhone stores. Their crowd prefers to read more.

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