‘The K2’ Cast News & Updates: Ji Chang Wook Reveals Series Is His Last Action Drama

Another highly anticipated Korean drama, "The K2" is set to premiere on Friday, but lead star Ji Chang-Wook already admitted he is done with action dramas.

The upcoming Korean series was earlier revealed to revolve around a heavy action and drama plot. With this said, Ji Chang-Wook spoke to the press ahead of the premiere of "The K2," where he remarked that the show would be his last action drama.

"It's so difficult. It led to me telling myself that I would never do action again. 'The K2' will be Ji Chang-wook's last action drama," he said with a laugh. "I thought that as the episodes went on, the action would get reduced. It's so difficult; it's the most tiring project I've ever done," he added.

The actor practiced at action school for two months, given the level of difficulty of the action in "The K2," Soompi wrote.

On the other hand, Ji Chang-Wook talked about the series as a whole and said, "I was worried that 'The K2' would be similar in color to 'Healer,' but because the tone and feeling of each is different, I trusted that this project wouldn't appear too similar to 'Healer.' I want to show a manlier side, and emotion that has depth through this project."

The latest teasers of "The K2" feature some of the intense action scenes from different episodes, heightening the excitement of the viewers. Most of the action moves are credited to Korea's Taekwondo team, but there are also several action scenes highlighting the moves of Brazil's Jiu-jitsu, Japan's Aikido, and Russia's Systema combat style, according to reports.

As it appeared in video teasers, this action drama will feature exhilarating car chase scenes, as well as some explosive moments. Some reports even described "The K2" as a mini action movie.

Reports say fans are now eyeing the on-screen pairing of Girls Generation group member Im Yoon-Ah and Ji Chang-Wook in the mystery thriller drama. At the press conference, which took place at the Imperial Palace in Gangnam, Im Yoon-Ah also shared her take on the series and talked about how difficult this drama was for her as well.

"I had a lot of worries from as early as the preparation stage for the drama, since it had been so long since I did a domestic drama. Because of my confidence in Song Yoon-ah and Ji Chang-wook sunbaes and my trust in our director, I was able to muster up the courage," she shared.

The new Korean series "The K2" will feature Ji Chang-Wook as a bodyguard who was placed in a compromising situation as he gets involved in a dangerous political family's war. Yoon-ah ("Prime Minister and I") plays the role of a secret daughter of a presidential hopeful, portrayed by Jo Sung-ha("Neighborhood Hero"). Song Yoon-ah ("Assembly") plays the role of Sung-ha's ambitious wife whose character was built on greed, stopping at nothing until she gets what she wants.

"The K2" will debut on tvN with a Friday-Saturday airing slot starting Sept. 23.

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