No Man's Sky To Come With New Content

There was already a confirmation for a new content for No Man's Sky coming directly from its composer. A Twitter user named Peaceful Gamer threw a question in the social media platform. As an answer, Paul Weir said that new music will not be included in the update 1.09 - which was released recently for PC and PS4. He instead said that there will be new audio for the first content update of the game.

During the early parts of this month, Hello Games stated about their continuous effort to produce new patches for PC and PS4, so that current issues will be solved. Based on the reports from Game Rant, Hello Games also assured fans that once they completed working on the fixes, they will work on future improvements, expansions, and the build on the No Man's Sky universe. However, the blog post was not focused on exposing the details about the type of changes or new content that can be expected.

Despite of all the worst experiences those gamers have with No Man's Sky, like bugs and glitches, Hello Games has now diverted its focus to the new Man's Sky new content. According to VG247, Weir made clarifications regarding the new audio for the game, since he has not finalized the details about it yet. He even added that they will integrate the new music as soon as they can. Players are highly-anticipating about what they can do with No Man's Sky, since various mods are still being created for the game.

Hello Games founder, Sean Murray gave his earnest interest for adding features, like freighters and bases. It can then be ascertained that these may appear in the first content drop. The first content drop of No Man's Sky can be given without any additional cost. The game has received negative comments for the statement of Murray regarding the topic of DLC. No Man's Sky is now available on PC and PlayStation 4.


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