‘Wentworth’ Season 5 Spoilers: New Top Dog Revealed; Allie To Retaliate Bea’s Death

By Jen Aguilar , Sep 22, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

“Wentworth” is cooking big revelations on its fifth installment as the new top dog will be featured and Allie plots revenge to give justice on Bea Smith’s tragic death.

Who Is “Wentworth” Prison’s New Top Dog?
Following Bea’s sorrowful killing is the vacancy of the top dog position. A report hinted on Joan “The Freak” Ferguson as she appears suitable for the task considering her killing skills that include Bea as her pitiful victim. Another potential candidate is Karen Proctor, who got the bulk of votes during the finale of the previous season.

It seems that none of the predicted names will take the lead inside the jail as Penny Win, the commission editor in drama for Foxtel hinted that one of the new inmates might replace Smith’s much coveted throne.

Allie Novak In Vengeance For Bea’s Demise
The end of Bea’s character in the popular Australian drama caused sorrow to their fans and even to the cast. The most affected person in Bea’s murder is her romantic partner Allie and she would not ignore all the details of the case especially in bringing justice to Bea.

“It means I don’t get to work with Dan anymore, and that’s devastating. And who is Allie if not the love of Bea’s life? So there were so many questions, but the more I thought about it and the more I spoke to Danielle about it—who is incredibly philosophical and understood the long game a lot better than I did—I began to change my opinion about whether it was a good idea or not. And I think while it’s still devastating and I’m certainly always going to miss Dan’s presence on set, I feel like it’s a very very bold move for any show to make," Kate Jenkinson (Allie) explained her reaction upon learning Bea’s fate in the series.

Allie and Bea’s friends are expected to unite and plot a powerful revenge against Ferguson. With theories of multiple deaths coming in season 5, Allie might follow Bea to the grave as she puts her life in danger with her retaliation plans against the killer.

To recall, Allie’s life was already in danger that she almost got killed due to excessive consumption of drugs.

From the mentioned spoilers, viewers can expect a braver and a more violent Allie in the new season.  

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