The Science Behind Apple And Samsung's Waterproof Phones

If you have a waterproof phone like the all-new Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 or Sony Xperia XZ, things could really be different for you. It's an incredible feature. However, what really makes a phone be water-resistant? And exactly how "waterproof" are these phones?

Whether you're comparing the pros and the cons of Apple's new iPhone or just wanted to know more about the water resistance of your phone in general, here are the answers for you.

How does water resistance work?

Advanced, weak glass screens are posing a difficult issue for water-resistance, because manufacturers are unable to attach them to its own frame. So manufacturers utilized a surprising and simple method: using glue. Lots and lots of glue.

They may be called tapes, seals, or adhesives, but they are all essentially the same. Manufacturers are using a sticky, rubbery, and also a glue-like substance to make an air-tight seal that will cover every hole and essentially make your phone waterproof.

 It isn't airtight, but instead water-tight

It is important that some phone parts are not totally sealed. Speakers need air to enter and also get to leave the phone because making vibrations with the help of the air is how they are able to make sounds.

Also, if a phone is totally sealed, the pressure in the interior of the phone won't be equivalent to its outside surface, making an opportunity for its own pressure to get out of the phone's seals while letting water in.

It is not literally waterproof

The problem now is, none of the mentioned methods are sufficient to keep the water out totally. That means there are no totally water-resistant phones out there. "With enough pressure, water will travel through; it's just a matter of how much is needed," iFixit's Havard said.

Waterproofing isn't in your warranty

You definitely need to be aware of this. Despite the fact that these companies guarantee their phones are water-resistant, none of their warranties protect against water damage. In fact, Apple, Sony and Samsung all expressly say that water damage isn't covered.

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