'Paper Mario: Color Splash' New Trailer Promises All The Mario Goodness We Want And More!

In a classic "Super Mario" game, players have limited options to use to take down enemies. They can either stomp on them, use a sparkling Super Star, or throw a fireball from a fireflower.

In Nintendo's "Paper Mario" game, players can now blind a koopa with lemon juice. That is right. Lemon Juice. The quirky and colorful new game has a new trailer that features the game's wonderful visuals and amazing gameplay.

"Paper Mario: Color Splash" is Nintendo's forthcoming action-adventure RPG for the Wii U. It was developed by game studio "Intelligent Systems" and published by Nintendo.

The game's story begins when Paper Mario and Paper Peach receive a letter from Prism Island. They are shocked to know that the letter is actually a color-drained Paper Toad. Paper Mario, Peach and Toad set sail for Prism Island to seek what mysterious problem is happening there.

In "Color Splash," the player's main goal is to restore color to Mario's faded world using hammers and battle cards. Cards can be acquired throughout the game. The cards must first be painted before they can be used in a fight.

The game also provides the usual weapons of Mario such as fire flowers and healing mushrooms.

Paint is used in figuring out environmental puzzles and overcoming obstacles. Players must not only battle and explore but also learn resource management because the game does not provide an infinite amount of goodies!

"Paper Mario: Color Splash" requires gamers to time their attacks for greater damage allowing them to obliterate whole groups of enemies in one shot. Each attack of Mario has a unique timing which needs to be mastered.

A special part of the forthcoming title is that Mario would have access to real world items he can often use in combat with great comical effects.

Some of these real world items are plungers, bones, and pigs! Their animated sequences are so hilarious that fans will surely have an unforgettable time using them.

"Paper Mario: Color Splash" is the fifth entry in the series but the first to be rendered in high-definition.

It promises to bring the same wacky dialog and exciting 2D puzzles "Mario" fans have come to love.

The game will arrive in the Wii U on Oct. 7, barely two weeks from now, and Nintendo knows that fans cannot wait long enough for the game.

They recently showed a new trailer that shows an amazing mix of fun game play, wonderfully created environments, and a host of loveable characters and foes.

You can check out the "Paper Mario: Color Splash - A Splash of Mystery" trailer below.

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