Tinder Abandons Matchmaking For Squad Voting In Its New iMessage App Tinder Stacks

By Mandy Adams , Sep 22, 2016 06:02 PM EDT

Tinder has just released its newest app for iMessage, featuring the same swipe interface in its matchmaking service. This time, however, Tinder Stacks will focus on "squad" decision-making, not matchmaking.

Tinder Stacks Puts Friends Over Dates

Considered to be one of the hottest dating apps in the world, Tinder is known for the most convenient way to hook up online. Aside from its unique matching algorithm, the app features a convenient way to choose between numerous matches. All you have to do is swipe right if you like someone and swipe left if you don't have any interest in them.

In the new iMessage app, Tinder decides to abandon its matchmaking efforts. Instead, it makes use of its unique swipe-based interface to let you interact with your "squad." Tinder Stacks is all about letting your friends vote on various options using its convenient swiping feature.

How Squad Voting Works

Tinder Stacks is all about visual polls. With this iMessage app, users can ask for the opinion of their friends by making a "stack" or photos slideshow that users can share with their contacts. The rest of the squad will have access to this slideshow and they can vote by swiping right for something they like or left for an item they dislike.

Given this convenient feature, it's easier to request for inputs when it comes to the best dress for a date, the next destination to visit as a group, or even the person to go out with. As a user, you can base your decisions on a series of photos and you can keep tabs on your poll on the iMessage app.

Tinder Stacks Availability

Squad goals may be better with Tinder Stacks but the app is not available for all iOS users. The app is accessible through the iMessage App Store for devices running on iOS 10.

Furthermore, Tinder Stacks may be another product from Tinder but the user accounts are not linked. It is still necessary to install the dating app to have access to the matchmaking features.

While Tinder may be known only as a dating app, Mashable considers it to be one of the 100 best iPhone apps. Although Tinder promotes squad interactions through Tinder Stacks, their matchmaking days are far from over. With their recent partnership with Spotify, they have found a way to match people with compatible tastes in music.

With the Spotify partnership and the new iMessage app, Tinder is on its way to becoming the next social media giant.

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