Persona 5 Declared As The Fastest Selling Persona Game, 337K Sold And Counting

The highly-anticipated RPG, Persona 5, has just rolled out in Japan a week ago and the numbers are remarkable. Media Create, a sales tracker, shows that around 337 thousand copies - and counting, were sold just a week after its release (specifically Sept. 12 to 18), dominating the sales charts. Go Persona 5!

This puts Persona 5 on the fastest selling spot for the Persona series in its 20 years of existence, reports.

Famitsu sales tracker reports that sell-through rate for the PlayStation 4 version was between 80 to 100 percent while the PS3 garnered 60 to 80 percent.

Sales Comparison For All Persona Games

A basic comparison of the Japanese opening sales can be viewed below for all Persona titles initial release numbers. All data are taken from Famitsu sales tracker except for Persona 5.

To learn more about the Persona series sales data, view this infographic from PersonaCentral:

Atlus' bestselling single launch of all time in Japan, ever since the company was established 30 years ago (April 1986), is the first installment: Persona for the classic PlayStation (PS1) with a record of 391.5k copies sold. Persona 5 is likely to surpass this in the weeks if not days to come.

Software Sales From This Week

Presented below is data showing the top 10 selling games in Japan dated from Sept. 12 to 18, 2016, courtesy of Media Create (thru NeoGAF).

Persona 5 has just been launched for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on Sept 15, 2016. It will have its North American and European release on Feb. 14, 2017 followed by Korean and Chinese releases on the same year. 

Are you excited about Persona 5 coming to your country? How are you enjoying the Persona series so far? Is the 5th title going to surprise us or will it be the same old Persona game?

If you notice the date for next year, this will be the perfect gift for your better half, it's Valentine's Day! Hit us with your comments below.

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