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Pokemon Uranium Officially Shuts Down

First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:10 AM EDT
Pokemon Uranium: The Most Impressive Unofficial Pokemon RPG Ever Made?
Pokemon Uranium: The Most Impressive Unofficial Pokemon RPG Ever Made?
(YouTube / IGN)


Developers for Pokemon Uranium, a fan-made game, officially announced that they will no longer be providing new updates along with shutting down their online services.

The 10-year-old Pokemon Uranium has finally come to a curtain close. The fan community that has been working on the said game have finally decided to let go of the game by stopping any official support, ceasing current work on future updates, shutting down online services, and removing download links effective immediately, GameRant reports.

The dedicated unofficial indie collaboration of Pokemon fans announced its retirement on Twitter earlier today. It seems that the team has decided to end Pokemon Uranium because of a said 'limit' to fan game jurisdiction topped with the justification to pursue new projects.

Did Nintendo Have Them Do It?

It is uncertain at this point of writing if Nintendo's legal crusade against unofficial releases played a crucial role in this decision. Speculations such as this are inevitable as the giant gaming company is very notorious when it comes to copyright. Take for instance, No Mario's Sky was even forced to change its name.

Nintendo did manage to pull out Pokemon Uranium from the web but fans were, as always, still share download links via direct communication. At that point, developers were still supporting the game with online functionalities and updates.

If Nintendo ever did play a role in this game shut down, it will not be that of a surprise, will it?

Look on the bright side

Despite Pokemon Uraniums official 'death', this has taught valuable learnings for the development community in terms of technical skills and design. With the acquired knowledge plus the already built fan-base awaiting their next big game, this will surely pave way for the team's coming out into the legit world of game development. Even with the possibility of getting absorbed by Nintendo themselves, who knows?

Still playable?

Yes, Pokemon Uranium is still playable as a single player game for now and for only those who have copies of the game since it's currently 'unavailable' via the internet. Pokemon Uranium was played online for the PC, rest in peace.

Below is a feature YouTube video for Pokemon Uranium presented by IGN.

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