Dark Souls 3 To Mark Its Franchise End Via Upcoming DLCs, Possibly To Make Room For Armored Core

By Jupiter Isidro , Sep 22, 2016 09:21 PM EDT

A couple of planned downloadable content for Dark Souls 3 will be marking the game's end, for the franchise as a whole - seriously? On top of that, From Software president gave a clue that he "might" be developing a brand new "Armored Core" video game.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, President of FromSoftware, talked to Polygon about them having no plans in making another Dark Souls sequel anytime soon. He elaborated, however, that there might be someone else from the company whom he can pass on the baton to, working on new ideas. He also confirms that the Dark Soul series will end after the release of the upcoming 2 DLCs, Yibada reports.

Why Discontinue?

From Software's president wants to steer away from the Souls franchise to make room for new IP creations. He also confirmed that the franchise will not completely be discontinued and the possibility of bringing it up in the future is imminent.

Miyazaki suggests that fans will see some HD remakes of the older games to adapt to the new consoles with better processing power. This would either mean a simple porting of existing games to the new generation of consoles or they would be made from scratch due to incompatibilities.

How About Armored Core?

Gamasutra reports that Miyazaki wants his team to bend and extend their creativity and bring up "something quirky" to their drawing board as opposed to just sitting back making redos of past Souls games - which is good news for gamers.

"I feel that FromSoftware's title lineup will need a little more variation. We have dark fantasies like Dark Souls, of course, but I'd also like for us to make more mech games like Armored Core, or Asian style titles like Tenchu or Otogi: Myth of Demons.

With the above stated, a very huge possibility would be creating a New "Armored Core" videogame. Miyazaki already confirmed that it is on its early stages and could not speak any further about the topic.

Ashes of Ariandel DLC's gameplay can be previewed below:

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