Microsoft Xbox 8 – Rumors Arise From Domain Name Dispute

By Prarthito Maity , Jul 04, 2012 09:13 AM EDT

While Microsoft has already declared that 2012 is all about Xbox 360, rumors have not stopped flooding the web about the arrival of the next gen gaming console, Xbox 720, which is being anticipated massively by fans all over.

The latest rumor related to the gaming console to hit the web is the company’s effort to gain ownership of domain names for Xbox 8, and if the rumors are to be believed, the aforementioned Xbox 8 could be the new Xbox 720.

As per a report by Fusible, the National Arbitration Forum gave the Redmond-based company control over and, which were previously being held by a Chinese resident Cheng Juang. Notably, the deal also involved the transfer of,,, and

Another report by Gamezone stated that many believe that the name Xbox 8 actually related to the next generation Xbox. And although it could be nothing more than a defensive IP protection measure by Microsoft, the company's new Windows 8 operating system, due to launch later this year, is actually fueling the speculation. It has also been reported that the next Xbox will use a form of Windows 8 to facilitate Microsoft's multi-screen strategy.

Next in line is Xbox Infinity. The rumors related to Xbox Infinity arose previously when it was thought that it was one of the names suggested for the next Xbox. What’s more, if you turn 8 on its side, interestingly, you will get the infinity symbol. Other names linked to the next Xbox include the popular Xbox Loop, Project 10, Durango and the most popular Xbox 720.

Again, according to documents leaked online last month, Microsoft has named its next-generation game console the Xbox 720, and is filling it with major hardware and software upgrades ahead of a 2013 holiday release.

Only time will tell what name the new console will acquire.

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