Final Fantasy XV News, Update: Square Enix' FFXV Introduces Shiva Summon

Fans who are awaiting for the release of the much-awaited Final Fantasy XV will have more reason to get excited even before the game because there's one new significant feature, the Shiva summon.

Square Enix had given a sneak peak on the Shiva summon during the recently concluded Tokyo Game Show when it showed the Final Fantasy XV trailer. For those who missed it, the Shiva summon was revealed in the latest part of the trailer. Gematsu reports that the latest issue of the game magazine Weekly Jump revealed some stills of what the Shiva summon looks like and the stills are quite impressive.

In the Final Fantasy XV storyline, Shiva is a monster who takes the form of a blue-skinned woman. She was often summoned for her "icy" abilities. When she appears, the surrounding is filled with icy cold air and hundred others of Shiva-looking creatures also appear producing a magical effect. One of her notable attacks is called Diamond Dust or sometimes called Gem Dust and deals with Ice-elemental damage.

Aside from Shiva, there is also a new story involving Lunafreya. It is reported that Noctis and Luna will be getting married but before Noctis arrived in the crown city, he found out that the empire has betrayed it and Luna was nowhere to be found. Noctis set out in a journey to find her and finally reunites with her.

Just like the Lunafreya story, Final Fantasy XV will have a very strong story element as seen on the trailer during the Tokyo Game Show 2016. As seen on the trailer, there will be more dialogues, more complex plot details, and cut scenes. Aside from the story, Final Fantasy XV will introduce new characters including Noctis and his brothers, Ardyn Izunia, Cid Sophiar, and Nox Fleuret.

Final Fantasy XV is set for release on November 29 on PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

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