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Dragonball Fusions Release Date for Both NA And Europe Revealed

First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:20 AM EDT
Dragon ball fusion release date for North America and Europe revealed
Dragon ball fusion release date for North America and Europe revealed
(BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe/YouTube)

Dragon Ball Fusions will be released in the Americas after it was released in Japan last August. Bandai Namco has already made announcements about the date of its release. According to the reports from Attack of the Fan Boy, the release date will be on December 13. Dragon Ball Fusions is compatible for 3DS owners, and in turn lets them experience a fighting game inspired by the popular manga/anime series. However, the game has a new twist.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, the players can fuse two fighters that have not been fused before. For example, Piccolo can be fused with Goku. Since Nintendo 3DS has continued to be a popular medium for gamers on-the-go, Dragon Ball RPG will give a pleasant gaming experience to its fans.

Dennis Lee, Director of Brand Marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., has this to say during a press release: "With Dragon Ball Fusions we're excited to see players take their Dragon Ball adventure with them wherever they go and share their experiences with friends through a robust multiplayer mode and fun fusion photo functions."

iDigital Times said that players can now have a different experience with the new Dragon Ball through the Fusions version of the game. This game integrates Action-RPG elements within a huge circle of fighters directly derived from the new Dragon Ball Super. The battles in Dragon Ball Fusions have a timeline feature. There are three parts for the control scheme and commands of the game. Fight uses the close-range melee attack, energy ball utilizes the Ki attacks, and the Special Attack is the most powerful attack of the character.

There are also options in the battle such as Charge Ki and Check Power. A type triangle classifies characters into three categories, such as Technique and Speed. Power beats Technique, Technique beats Speed, and Speed beats Power.



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