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'Destiny: Rise of Iron' News: How To Get Young Wolf's Howl New Exotic Sword Guide

First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:10 AM EDT
This is the cover art for Destiny: Rise of Iron
This is the cover art for Destiny: Rise of Iron


In "Destiny: Rise of Iron", guardians are caught up with advancing to the highest point of Felwinter Peak, where they also can turn into an Iron Lord.

Be that as it may, as you set off on your trip to Lord Saladin, players are left to ponder on how to unlock that fiery new Young Wolf's Howl Exotic Sword that was released a couple of weeks back, as reported by N4G.

Read the "Destiny: Rise of Iron" guidelines below:

The initial step to getting the new Exotic Sword in "Destiny: Rise of Iron" is to finish the King of the Mountain story mission that opens Rise of Iron. This mission sees the Guardian entrusted with climbing Felwinter Peak, and shielding the Iron Temple from further danger,a SIVA injected Sepiks Prime, who has been so relevantly named Sepiks Perfected.

After you have climbed Felwinter Peak, and vanquished Sepiks Perfected, you will be entrusted with pursuing him down in the second mission of the extension pack, The Walls Come Down.

Since you've finished the initial two missions, there is only one prerequisite left to wrap up. Head once again into the fight with the Devil Splicers and complete whatever remains of the missions that make up the fundamental Destiny: Rise of Iron battle. This fundamental storyline incorporates the two missions we said above, and in addition an extra eleven stages to finish it.

After you finish the mission The Iron Tomb, you will be consequently be transported back to the Iron Temple, where you will witness a cutscene. In this cutscene, Lord Saladin will praise you on your triumph and thank you for your administration. He will likewise remunerate you with the Young Wolf's Howl, and welcome you into the new request of the Iron Lords.

The existence of The Young Wolf's Howl is probably one of the most stimulating reveals prior to the release of Destiny: Rise of Iron.


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