Xiaomi Mi Notebook Review: Combines Apple MacBook's Design With Microsoft Surface Book's Power

Each tech company has its own strength, which other companies seem not to be able to mimic. As such, many manufacturers have become one trick ponies. However, Xiaomi has found the perfect balance between design and power by taking what seems to be inspiration from Apple's line of MacBooks and Microsoft's line Surface Pros.

The Perfect Mixture

As PC Mag India describes, the Chinese company looks to have created the Xiaomi Mi Notebook with the design mindset of Apple, but the power capabilities of Microsoft. And as if finally partnering these two factors is not enough, the device is still priced like every other Xiaomi device.


On the outside, there is no branding visible on the Mi Notebook. Instead, its sleek finish is left unbothered so that users can freely personalize the item. Nevertheless, it does sport an aluminum skeleton, which is why the unit looks well made and put together.

The Mi Notebook also has the same type of keyboard that is found in most current notebooks, mostly recognized in the MacBook. And while it does not feel exactly as the Apple option, the China-made unit is still sturdy


But as C|Net notes, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook does pack a punch in terms of specs. It has a Nvidia GeForce 940MXa graphics card, which allows users to play games on the unit as well. Others may find the speakers - found at the bottom of the notebook - a little distracting though while gaming, so it is best to use earphones during gameplay.

It also includes a 256GB solid-state drive and theoretically runs smoothly on 8GB of RAM. However, there is also an additional SATA port for those who need an additional 256GB of storage.

The Mi Notebook sports a 12 inch full HD IPS screen and the latest core M3 processor. However, because Xiaomi does not have its own operating system, the device runs on Windows 10.

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