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Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Two New Version-Exclusive Pokemon Introduced Plus Pikachu’s Z-Move Revealed

First Posted: Sep 23, 2016 04:40 AM EDT
Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer by The Official Pokémon Channel
Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer by The Official Pokémon Channel
(The Official Pokémon Channel/YouTube)

Nintendo once again relives the hype on the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game as they have released another set of new Pokemon that will make debut on each version of the game. Based on Nintendo's official website these two new Pokemon are exclusive that means we can only see one Pokemon on each version. In connection with this revelation, these two Pokemon have already been properly introduced through a new trailer.

According to Christian Today, these two new Pokemon are called by the name of Passimian and Oranguru. Passimian is classified as a fighting type Pokemon which is known for its offensive move by throwing berries to its foes. In addition, Passimian also has a special move called Receiver which allows itself to inherit the ability of a fainted ally. This Pokemon is said to live in tribes that consists about 20-30 Passimian and follows one leader. These tribes are working hand-in-hand to train and hone their skills. Passimian is only exclusive for Pokemon Sun version.

On the other hand, Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic Pokemon who lives in the deepest part of the Alolan forest. It is known for being kind to other Pokemon living in the forest, giving them medicine and food. Oranguru is known by its moves Telepahy and Inner Focus while having its distinct move Instruct which enables the targeted Pokemon to perform its previous skill repeatedly. According to Yibada, activating Instruct will also enhance the attack of its ally during duo battle. Oranguru uses a fan-like object against its enemies and only appears in the Pokemon Moon version.

Other details from Nintendo's official site also revealed Pikachu's Z-move. It is called the Catastropika which is described as Pikachu's most powerful attack. Activating the Pikachu's Z-Move requires Pikachu to borrow strength from its trainer to wrap itself with extra high voltage of electric power and then releasing it to its enemy.

More Pokemon Sun and Moon updates will be added soon. Moreover, Pokemon Sun and Moon will be available on both Nintendo 2DS and 3DS on November 18, 2016.



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