'Naruto Shippuden' Episode 476 Updates, News, and Spoilers: Naruto vs. Sasuke Final Battle Begins, Will Both Survive?

The rumours are true. The Naruto Shippuden anime is down to its final episode. The final Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 will be aired in a week.

The manga version of Naruto Shippuden has 700 chapters. Naruto Shippuden Episode 476 will cover seven chapters in one episode. The recent episode covered only 2 chapters. The final episode however will include the last seven chapters - from 694 to 700.

Masashi Kishimoto's writings take you back to previous Naruto Shippuden - giving you all the more reasons to wait and watch out for its finale episode.

Sasuke wanted vengeance. Because of his father's death, he wanted to destroy the village. Naruto was not happy about this. He will do everything to protect the village - including battling with Sasuke. Naruto said Sasuke will have to defeat him before he can touch the village and ruin it.

From there, everything else followed.

Naruto Shippuden in Chapter 694 revealed Sasuke's beliefs about being a Hokage. Sasuke believes he has to kill Naruto to satisfy his idea of Hokage. Naruto argued that it is important to learn from the past instead of forgetting about it.

The next few chapters already depicted the battles. The fights reached its height in Chapter 697. This chapter showed continuous fighting despite depleted chakras. The battle ended in Chapter 698 when Sasuke and Naruto blew each other's arms off.

Sasuke lost his left arm after he used a chidori with his left hand. Naruto, on the other hand, lost his right hand when he used resengan with his right hand. Naruto and Sasuke have both lost massive amount of blood to the point of almost dying.

Soon, Sasuke accepted defeat. He realized that he will never win against Naruto. Sasuke soon reminisced how he and Naruto were as children - how they were both alone and longed for a family.

Right now, we await for Episode 476, the final episode. The final preview of the final episode featured Studio Pierrot in black and white, according to sources. The preview depicted the characters as outlined with only slight animation. According to many, the studio was unable to deliver the animation that was expected for Naruto Shippuden. Therefore, this gives them all the motivation they need to give their best for the final episode.

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