Nintendo NX In Trial Production By Foxconn, Ubisoft Fully Support Next-Gen Console

There has been so much news recently about the Nintendo NX that it has become stale and repetitive, especially because the gaming company has decided to keep any knowledge to itself. However, reports are now saying that Foxconn has started trial production on the mysterious game console.

The Worker Ants

According to DigiTimes, Foxconn is not the only company producing the unit, but it is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It is joined by Misumi Electronics and Hosiden. In total, the three companies have reportedly been tasked to produce as much as 10 million Nintendo NX Consoles per year.

In Good Hands

The Nintendo NX is definitely in good hands, as Foxconn has proven itself reliable time and time again. Though the company is most known for their production if iPhone units, it has previously dabbled in gaming devices.

Foxconn has also produced units of Sony's PlayStation units. Prior to 2016, it was producing 50 percent of demands with Pegatron.

In Good Faith

As mentioned earlier, Nintendo has infamously kept quiet about any news regarding its upcoming console. Fortunately, other companies in the gaming industry have provided their two cents, albeit briefly and vaguely.

Yves Guillemot, who is the CEO of Ubisoft, spoke with IGN regarding the Nintendo NX. The executive has already previously disclosed that he is in admiration of the device, but then went on to discuss exactly why he was looking forward to its release.

"I think, once again, the interface is very attractive," he said. "It's a machine that will be easy to use for all gamers. They have built in something that will give us chance to really have a different experience from what exists today. That's what I like - that they come with something new that is adapted to what we actually want now."

He also went on to praise just how Nintendo is different from all the other console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft. Apparently, the Nintendo NX might just be the epitome of the Japanese company altogether.

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