2016 iMac Expected This October; Apple Revamps Line With AMD GPU And VR Support

Apple has just unveiled its all-star cast of its new 2016 gadgets - the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2. Despite the unveiling of the two much-loved and popular gadgets, it seems like Apple is still having some unfinished business, as it is most likely that more devices are yet to come out.

Based on unofficial reports, Apple may be a few months away from the launching of a newer and faster iMac by October. Despite the lack of official statements coming from Apple regarding the development of a refreshed iMac version, the odds are still high as various rumors about the device have begun circulating online.

It is said that the new Apple iMac will feature some of the most advanced and interesting features that will surely make it a worthy buy.

Apple iMac to Have New Display and 4K Compatibility

One of the most loved speculations about the 2016 iMac is its VR capability feature. Another rumor that quickly spread like wildfire is the notion that Apple is partnering with LG Electronics in hopes of developing a new display for the refreshed iMac.

Despite the many speculations that can be seen online, Apple hasn't still confirmed that such rumors are true. Perhaps it is a marketing strategy to build up the hype and get potential customers to yearn for more.

Most probably, the Apple 2016 iMac will be unveiled by next month. It will then be followed by its release, a few weeks, or even a month after the initial unveiling.

Whichever the case may be, the new iMac will be one of the many technological marvels that continue to build up Apple's legacy of developing faster, more productive, and aesthetically mesmerizing products. As of the price, it is safe to assume that it will cost a fortune. Yes, it will, but the good thing about this is that it is indeed worth the price. 

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