Google Launches Allo, an Innovative Messaging App

By Shaynnic , Sep 24, 2016 12:50 PM EDT

Google recently launched Daydream Virtual Reality to developers. Earlier this week, the tech giant introduced Allo to the world.

What Is Allo?

Google is so fascinated with Artificial Intelligence or AI that it incorporated the technology into a messaging app, resulting in the newest app Allo. With the help of chips and processors, Google created their systems very mobile.

Allo is a messaging app integrated with the company's personal virtual assistant similar to Apple's Siri. Google combines Snapchat's doodling and Whatsapp's chat interface into one app and then add a Siri-like functionality that "eavesdrops" in conversations.

Allo's assisting manners are described in two ways as stated on a report from Time. First is the messaging thread. In a messaging thread, the user can just type '@google' and automatically, the Google Assistant will pay attention to the text following the trigger word. Then it will answer accordingly. Moreover, users can also chat one-on-one with the assistant.

Allo Offers A Whole New Experience

Allo is new compared to Facebook and Whatsapp. Then there is Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa, both of which are considered efficient computer personal assistants. Allo is unique because the way it interacts and helps its users are commendable.

Google's new messaging app stands out with its concierge assistance, as per Engadget. It can automatically suggest restaurants, movie showing times and more by checking in on the conversation. The downside is Allo can't still book a table or purchase movie tickets for the user.

When the user is too lazy to think of a reply, Allo gives series of replies in which the user can choose from, unlike Facebook Messenger and Apple iMessage.

Cons Of Using Allo

Allo might seem helpful and efficient but it should be noted that Google keeps the history of conversations, which might cause paranoia to future users. In the defense of the company, it is doing this to "improve user experience and personalization."

Another con is that Allo is sort of complicated that the older people may not be able to use it. Lastly, Allo is not activated by default compared to Apple's iMessage.

Google Allo is now available in UK for iOS and Android users.

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