Laser Helps In Busting Crimes: The Crime-Scene Investigator Way

Crime Scene Investigation is a unit from the Police department that handles on-site investigation, on-site gathering of evidence, and conscientiously recreating the scene for review. Technology at its best today help lessen and speed up investigations with the use of a hand held device that uses 3D visualizations to make a scene.

"Camera technology has advanced quite a bit," said Joe Arezone, the company's chief commercial officer. "What you see now is a big move into 3D-based products by consumers."

Handheld 3D scanner can help forensics professionals to scan and capture crime scenes. The scanners can help law enforcement professionals preserve a scene for instant review thus making their investigation faster when solving a crime.

"They have taken a very strong stance in the forensics market," Liscio said. "They are probably the most aggressive and have seen the most growth in the market during the past five years." Eugene Liscio, president of the International Association of Forensic and Security Metrology.

"The laser scanner is to forensic mapping what DNA is to forensic biology," he said. "It has revolutionized how people document crime scenes and opened up a way for people to analyze them. Before, stuff was measured by hand."

Former Orange County Sheriff's Office crime-scene technician Alina Burroughs, was recently hired by Faro to help develop the crime-scene scanner and during a demo, Burroughs said 3D visualizations could help lawyers and witnesses to see the very exact scenario of the scene" instead of flipping through photos." The company, which moved to Florida from Quebec in 1990, has been creating tools that help science since 1984.

In addition, she said, "crime-scene investigators don't always know what's relevant. But these devices capture the scene whether we know it's relevant at that time or not." Because by the end of the day, crime-scene investigator without a doubt can present more powerful imagery with the help of the tool

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