Samsung Receives Complaints On Defective Batteries In Galaxy Note 7 Replacements

Samsung immediately addressed the  explosion cases of the Galaxy Note 7 with a replacement program. Unfortunately, users report that the Galaxy Note 7 replacement still having battery issues, albeit not explosive ones. 

According to a report from South Korean TV news network YTN, there are several complaints from users in South Korea concerning the replacement devices. The newly released Galaxy Note 7 replacements, which are presumed to be safe, still have battery issues such as very fast draining and difficulty in charging.

One of the users who complained reached out to YTN said that the replacement unit wouldn't recharge past 10 percent after connecting it to a power outlet overnight. YTN even had a chance to test the handset and the device discharges from 75 percent to 49 percent in a matter of 39 minutes.

Samsung has not confirmed the number of cases reported so far but a spokesperson did mention that the problem is not related to batteries and confirmed that the company was looking closely in all of the reports and complains.

The replacements of the said device were made first available to South Korean consumers just this Monday and the tech giant acknowledged the issue with the non-removable batteries on Friday.

An updated report from Phone Arena indicated that Samsung's sale of the new Galaxy Note 7 handsets has been postponed after a government agency requested for it to do so while the replacement program of the company for the faulty devices have yet to be completed. The sale of the smartphone is now expected to resume on Oct. 1.

It was reported that South Korean Tech giant made a voluntary recall of over 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones worldwide early this month after the issues concerning to devices which are exploding and catching fire when it is being charged.

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