'Girl Meets World' Renewal Updates: Season 4 Not Happening? Show's Actors Say Their Goodbyes On Social Media

By Marion Villareal , Sep 26, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Despite popular demand, clues and hints of the actors in the Disney series "Girl Meets World" lead to the speculations that the show will no longer be renewed for the fourth season.

"Girl Meets World" is now currently one of the most-talked about Disney series and is currently airing its third season. With season three bound to wrap up by 2017 already, fans of the series are now pushing for an upcoming fourth season that will feature the protagonists going off to college.

"Girl Meets World" Season 4 Renewal Still Not Confirmed Despite Online Petition By The Fans

However, there have been speculations that with the girls going off to college already, the storyline might have to tackle more mature issues and might no longer be suitable for the audience of Disney Channel. Thus, this has led to the reports that "Girl Meets World" will no longer be renewed for its fourth season.

It is no news that production for the third season has already finished and they have already filmed up to its finale. However, despite season three getting closer to its end, Disney still hasn't announced if the series is going to be renewed or cancelled after its current season.

The fans of the series have also tried to take matters into their own hands, putting up an online petition that "Girl Meets World" season four be aired on Freeform instead. This will give the writers a bigger handle on its storyline, making it possible for them to cover more mature issues. Since the petition has already closed, there has been no news to its effect yet.

Uriah Justus Bids Goodbye To The Cast Of "Girl Meets World," Teasing Cancellation Of The Series?

One of the actors of the show, Uriah Justus recently posted a photo of the season finale, captioning it with a sad goodbye. This may already be their way of getting the word out that the series will no longer see its fourth season. Either that or if "Girl Meets World" is getting renewed, he will just be leaving the show.

Along with the cancellation rumors is the report that lead stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter have partly caused the cancellation. There have long been reports of attitude problems with the actresses, although strongly denied already, and this allegedly caused Disney not to renew the series.

"Girl Meets World" is still currently airing its season three on Disney Channel, with a Halloween episode coming up on October 14. The fans will still have a lot to wait for in series' current season.

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