Google's Home Has One Advantage over Amazon's Echo; Chromecast Ultra to Cost a Fortune?

By Shaynnic , Sep 26, 2016 12:50 PM EDT

Seems like everybody needs a computer-based personal assistant nowadays. Tech giants such as Amazon and Apple have manufactured home assistants. Now, Google is launching Google Home and Chromecast Ultra.

Amazon introduced Echo with Alexa, Apple announced its new smart home device with Siri and now Google launched Google Home and Chromecast Ulra with Google Assistant, which will be priced at $50 cheaper than the Echo.

Google's Smart Home Device Is Cheaper Than Amazon's

Google Home and Chromecast Ultra are integrated with Google Assistant. The former is the tech giant's flagship smart home device, which will create a single network with multiple access points.

According to Phone Arena, Google is set to price Home at $129, which is $50 cheaper than the Echo. While this is certainly a big advantage, the report noted that Amazon could simply lower their price when the upcoming Smart Home device is launched.

As for its offerings, Google has acquired Nest so it can pair up with devices that have Google Cast, Tech Radar noted. This will then enable owners to use Google Home for playing music, watching a movie or television show or even toggle the lights from anywhere in the house just with a simple voice command.

Chromecast's Better Version

Chromecast is getting an upgrade with Chromecast Ultra. The most notable additions are support for 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Sources of the Android Police have pinned the price at $69, which can be quite expensive for this device. However, the new features are reportedly worth the upgrade and the higher cost.

It is unknown when the Google Home and Chromecast Ultra will be launched, but the company's CEO Sundar Pichai has promised a "later this year" reveal. Reports suggest that after the unveiling, their new offerings will become available in early 2017.

Meanwhile, Google is set to hold an event on Oct. 4, where the much-rumored Pixel and Pixel XL, previously known as Sailfish and Marlin respectively, are expected to be revealed. These new flagship smartphones are the successors to last year's Nexus phones.

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