Super Mario Run As Way To Bring People Back To Nintendo Platforms, Says Shigeru Miyamoto

Mobile Devices Gets A New Nintendo Game After Pokemon GO

Early this September, Shigeru Miyamoto announced Nintendo's new game during the Apple Event and that they are branching out again toward mobile devices with Super Mario Run.  This is after the success of their first mobile and augmented reality game Pokemon GO. The man behind the iconic Mario took the stage in San Francisco to unveil Super Mario Run, which is a runner game you can play single-handedly. This is one of the mobile games Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima told everyone that will be arriving later in 2016.

Nintendo's Goals

For many years, Nintendo's main goal is to turn more people into gamers. Miyamoto said in an interview, "For many years, our mission in approaching hardware has been our goal of expanding the number of people playing games. Now, people are having these interactive experiences through their smart devices and so that's accomplished this great mission of helping to turn more people into gamers."

Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that Nintendo's new goal is not just to bring Nintendo games to a wider group of people, but to encourage a wider audience to play more Nintendo games in their original platforms. "We're using this opportunity to bring our characters to this audience and let them experience the fun of our games and hopefully bring them back to our platforms."


You play as the famous Italian plumber that has been the face of Nintendo for decades - Super Mario. In the new runner mobile game Super Mario Run, Mario automatically runs to the right and the player needs to navigate through oncoming obstacles. You tap the screen to jump and the type of taps you do corresponds to a certain type of jump. Short taps equal short jumps while longer taps trigger higher ones. The game will be supporting three games modes. The first is the straightforward runner game mode where you avoid obstacles. Second one is called "Toad Rally", which is a game mode that lets you compete with other players for the best time. The third lets you create your own "Mushroom Kingdom" using coins you collect from the two prior modes.

Release Details

'Super Mario Run' comes first to iOS on December and Android in 2017.

Do you think it will be as big as Pokemon GO?

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