Spectacles vs Google Glasses: Why Snap Wins This Comparison

High-tech glasses have become the trend and could one day give us options to take real time pictures, send emails or even check in to social networks.

This is what recently happened as Snapchat, now Snap Inc., and Google launched futuristic eyewears which seem to take us into another dimension. Imagine sending an email or taking videos all day long through just one click. How cool can that be?

Both brands have already drawn over hundreds of comparisons. With Google glass recieving the most flak. Mainstream consumers find them too geeky for their tastes, Business Insider reported. Meanwhile, Snap's Spectacles garnered rave reviews over its weekend product launch. 

Here are the reasons why you'll love Specs more than Glass.

Spectacles Look Trendier Than Google Glass 

Spectacles may just look like an ordinary pair of glasses that can be bought in thrift shops for just $5 dollars, but they certainly look way better than Google Glass, which looks downright creepy (but not if you are special agent)

Spectacles look undeniably fun, fashionable and are available in three colors: coral, teal and black.

Specs Are Cheaper Than Glass

When Google launched Glass to the public last 2013, it did so with an expensive introduction. Sure, its $1,500 dollar eyewear can do much more than the Specs but their pricing and scarcity turned off buyers. Unlike Spectacles which is sold at only $129, Even Spiegel, Snapchat CEO gets straight to the point by making sure every consumer knows what they're buying and how to use it - take snaps, of course. 

Glass is Complicated, Specs is Simple.

With Google glass, you can never tell if someone is taking pictures, recording videos, getting emails or navigating through Google Maps. Its confusing to know what the person wearing that creepy glass is doing. Spectacles, however, exactly lets you what they're doing. They are recording a video to be uploaded on Snap - with you on it!

Spectacles lets you know its recording when it lights up. Simply tap the button near the left camera and it records for 10 seconds. Additional taps get you more 10 seconds each, up to 30 seconds at a time.

Just like the usual eyewear, Specs keeps and charges its cameras through a colorful customized case intended for it while Glass uses the usual charger we use for our cellular phones.

There's no question why Snapchat's Spectacles beat Google Glasses. They're conventional, cheap, trendy and easy to use.

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