Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Could Have S-Pen Speakers

By Jomar Teves , Sep 28, 2016 03:00 AM EDT

Samsung has just experienced its Dark Ages thanks to the plaguing issue of exploding Galaxy Note 7's. Now, the company seems to then be experiencing its Renaissance as encouraging rumors begun stirring around the next-gen S-Pen.

Samsung's S-Pen

One of the most underrated accessories is Samsung's S-Pen, as the latest one that is featured on the new Galaxy Note 7 has 4,096 different pressure sensitivities.

With this alone, one can see that Samsung is indeed continuously innovating and improving its array of technological masterpieces. Most probably, Samsung is working on a new patent. According to recent speculations, future S-Pen models will feature an integrated speaker.

The new patent describes audio coming from the phone, which will then use the S-Pen stylus as its output device when the latter is docked into the phone. When the stylus is removed, audio will then come out from the S-Pen.

The Future of Samsung Lies In Its S Pen

If this would be used in future Galaxy Note models, then the S-Pen would surely be a technological marvel as it would remove the speaker grilles on the phone, thereby freeing up tons of space. This is also similar to Apple's recently removed headphone jack. 

As of now, Samsung is still battling the criticisms due to the exploding battery problem that plagued its very reputation. Just last week, Samsung sent out 500,000 new Galaxy Note 7 phones to replace the recalled the defective phones of users in the United States.

Hopefully, Samsung will be able to solve its problems and once again clean up its name. If ever the reports suggesting the revolutionary patent that Samsung currently prove true, then surely Samsung can rise up again from the ashes on the next Galaxy Note phone.

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