A Roundup of 2016 Tech: What's New and What's Coming?

Technology may seem a very intricate matter too hard to grasp. Every day we are bombarded with different news about out-of-this-world gadgets or futuristic concepts like Elon Musk's SpaceX Plans to invade Mars. These innovations seem to get more and more complicated as each day passes by.

To those who aren't much of a techie, this may seem a big problem. You might just wake up one day and feel like you've lost track of time. Sure, you know of the recent Jet Black iPhone 7 but today's digital mesh gets bigger and bigger every day. Innovations run in a span of just a second.

A report from Forbes recently indicated how Smart machines get smarter and how new IT reality continuously evolve with platforms to support the advancement of today's digital world.

What are the things you need to know to keep you on track?


The real world and the virtual world seem to mesh quite pretty well. Social media's birth along with smartphones made everything just a click away. Tasks usually done manually can now be accessed through the internet. Not only have they transformed the way we do things, technology also changed how we look at things.

VR Headsets and Futuristic Eye wears are now the in thing. During the first quarter of 2016, Oculus was released. Since Facebook's $2 Billion acquisition, talks have been circulating that it will soon release its consumer version of Rift Headset to the World. In April, Taiwan revealed Vive, a PC peripheral developed with the gaming firm Valve. Now, comes Play Station VR, the device which won't be released until October 13 had everyone jittery and excited.


For 2016, expect more online transactions as small business owners (SMB) flock to the internet. Online retail has recently become increasingly prevalent. Customers engage with businesses through offering a physical pay-off for a digital action. Crowd funding and Crowd Sourcing websites are also common for people who want to work at the comfort of their homes or find investors to realize their business dreams. Since Kickstarter came about, 112,504 projects have been successfully funded and through online service companies, millions of people work at the comfort of their homes.


Although robots may not yet be for most of us, artificial intelligence has brought its way to cars. As Tesla's self-driving cars continue to grab headlines, ordinary car manufacturers such as Audi are also stepping up their game. Tesla's latest in-car software allows you a hands-free autopilot mode while the Audi's Q7 SUV breaks on behalf of the driver and brings you back into the correct lane. Surely, things have never been this easy.

Innovations may keep us pensive for the next years to come. We will never know what's in store for us, maybe a trip to Mars or Hologram phones will come our way. As Timbers-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web said, "The web is changing the world and we are still only scratching the surface of what it can do. Anyone with an interest in the web's future - and that's everyone, everywhere - has a role in ensuring it achieves all it can."

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