Pokemon Go Guide: Max CP Chart Per Pokemon Revealed

By Sarene Mae Butao , Sep 29, 2016 05:29 AM EDT

Every Pokemon in Pokemon Go has varying CP. Combat Power is the measure of how powerful a pokemon is. The Pokemon's ability in Pokedex can be determined based on its CP. However, this number will not really tell about the maximum CP. Since there are dedicated players lurking around, they have figured out the answer to this question.

The Silph Road was able to provide data about the maximum possible CP of each Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game. However, some of these figures are still theoretical and as to what level can one Pokemon endure. This is based on an assumption that the player has already reached the level 40 of the game, and the Pokemon is equipped with perfect IVs.Reaching level 40 of the game is still impossible without the using of game cheats, thus this number is impossible to be achieved at least for now. It is also essential that the maximum CP is not necessarily the highest CP that a Pokemon can have, especially if it is caught from the wild.It might be slightly lower, and it is also dependent on what level the player is currently in. To illustrate, Balbasaur's Max CP is 1072. However, if a player is on a Level 20, the maximum CP that is possible to catch for Balbasaur is 678.

Dragonite, so far, possessed the highest CP in Pokemon Go. It is followed by Snorlax, Arcanine, and Lapras. However, the highest CP Pokemon inPokemon Go's game code is Mewtwo. It has a Max CP of 4145 but it cannot be captured yet, due to its unavailability. On the contrary, Heavy mentions that the lowest CP Pokemon is Magikarp, then Caterpie, Weedle, and Diglett. These pokemon can be commonly seen in the wild. Every pokemon is linked to a definite number of CP that it can obtain in every moment that the player will power up. 


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