Wasteland 3 Is Coming, Co-Op Confirmed

Wasteland 2 is history and Wasteland 3 is upon us.

InXile the developer of Wasteland franchise is breaking grounds once again as they continue to impress us with their awesome designs. The developer promised more improvements and features on this game into the postapocalyptic desert. Inxile is attempting to crowdfund Wasteland 3, similar to Wasteland 2.

They are going to use a platform fig, where they are asking $2.75 million on microinvestment. Fig is cofounded by InXile that will give its supporters financial stake in Wasteland's success.

October 5 is the target date for the campaign to go live. The developer, InXile stated that they want to get back to the role-playing franchise. Wasteland is their masterpiece and once again they are willing to put it all on the line. Wasteland 3 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux.

Wasteland 3's setting will be in the frozen icy tundra of Colorado mountain. It is where players take on the role of the only survivor of the Ranger Squad named Team November. The gameplay is tactical and needs a lot of patience.

There are certain scenarios when players needed to choose on whether or not they will survive or seal their own fate. Critical analysis on the game is a must as it involves decision making in warring factions, the option to decimate or save a certain locals, and other choices which will pan out in the long term.

Finally, for the first time in Wasteland franchise history, cooperative mode will be included on the campaign. It is optional which means, players are allowed to work together to finish major plot points or they can split up and focus on their goals outside their main mission. Players can continue their campaign regardless if their friend is online or not, however as InXile said, there will be consequences in doing so.

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