Microsoft Surface Phone To Come In 3 Variants With A Surface Pen

The Microsoft Surface Phone is one of the most anticipated phones to arrive in the coming months. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't confirmed the existence of the device just yet. However, rumors about its specs are already all over the web. There are even reports that talk about the number of variants the phone is launching with, alongside the possibility of the devices' Surface Pen compatibility.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumor, Three Variants Launching

A post from Tech Times says that the Surface Phone will come in three variants. These three Surface Phones will differ from each other in terms of size and specs. There will be a variant that has a 5.5-inch screen and another variant with a 6-inch screen. Under the hood, there will be one with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. There will also be one with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage. The most premium one will sport 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage. However, the exact combinations of specs and sizes are yet to be confirmed.

Microsoft Surface Phone Rumor, Stylus Integration

Since the Surface line is known for its 2-1 and hybrid features, it is also highly likely that the Microsoft Surface Phone will be compatible with the Surface Pen. In fact, according to a source, it might as well be included in the original packaging. A detachable keyboard accessory might also be made compatible with the phone. If so, then the Surface Phone could be one of the most useful devices for business people. Not only is it a good temporary substitute for a computer, it is also a fully functional mobile phone.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date, Rumors

There are two rumored dates for the release of the Microsoft Surface Phone. One rumor suggests that it would be released this October, alongside with the next generation of Surface devices including the rumored Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2.

However, some other sources suggest that a mid-2017 release is way more possible, since two of the device's internal parts are still unreleased as of now. Intel's Kaby Lake processor and Microsoft Windows Redstone 2 update are both expected to be included in the Surface Phone and both are still yet to be released.

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