iPhone 8 Rumors: Apple to Ditch the Lightning Port Following the Jack?

Apple's upcoming phone - presumably called the iPhone 8 - will come out without a lightning port.

The iPhone 7 came out a big surprise as it ditched its 3.55 mm headphone jack. Now, rumors are brewing stating that Apple could remove the lightning port as well in the iPhone 8.

News about iPhone 8's release spread in the internet earlier this week with reports of it being manufactured in Israel. Last September 26, Apple's Patent #9.453.976 was granted indicating a system in which data can flow using an optical interface, Forbes reported. The lightning cable which is used for connectivity might be replaced with a new version using the said interface.

Some content of the patent details about charging through a magnetic cable attached to the Apple logo. A rumor from Pocket-lint also said that data transfers in iPhone 8 could be done without physically connecting it to a computer. Apple may force its users to sign-in to iCloud, an update which may possibly draw the ire of most iPhone consumers.

iPhone 8 Specs, Rumors

Known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo notes that the new iPhone will have a curved 5.8 AMOLED display. Reports also say that Apple will switch back to its glass case design in order to differentiate the iPhone from its competitors. Adding to that a metal enclosure, the iPhone 8 might just do a little throwback to the iPhone 4 and 4s. However, this remains to be seen as of now.

There seems to be a clear pattern indicating Apple's motive. It wants lighter and wire-free phones. Unlike the last time where headphone jacks were cut off, removing the lightning port may not seem a nuisance.

As Apple celebrates its 10th Anniversary next year, most consumers expect the company to bring more changes including AMOLED displays, fewer hardware buttons and more stellar camera features.

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