Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror Nights: Experience 'Repulsitory' Virtual Reality

Universal Studios Orlando introduces a scary virtual reality experience titled "Repulsitory" in this year's Halloween Horror Nights. This attraction has already been launched two weeks ago but fans can get a sneak peak of the attraction on Thursday evening.

Last Wednesday, Dewayne Bevil of the Orlando Sentinel reported about his experience in the limited-time attraction and said it is composed of 3 sections. First the live theater, the virtual reality, and a puzzle solving exercise with the group.

For those who would want spoilers about the new attraction, the reporter narrated his whole experience. The attraction starts in a paranormal library that's filled with live actors and props. And then suddenly the group is suddenly asked to complete a task or else a curse will plague the "Repository" for years to come. After that, visitors are moved from one section to another, each room with more live actors and missions to complete.

And then visitors are asked to enter a room four at a time and that's where the experience of virtual reality starts. TJ Mannarino, Senior Director of Art and Design at Universal Studios, said "We have to encourage people to do things and touch things," Participants are given a pair of goggles and the worker's place it on their heads.

Upon wearing the VR, the most mysterious part of the experience starts. According to the reporter, the participant, and his team will need to find clues and remember important information to complete their mission. Participants will feel like they have over miles and miles of space to explore but the room itself is only 20 feet by 20 feet.

After the experience, the participants can watch the group behind them as they go through the same mission.

The attraction costs $49.99 per person excluding the usual entrance fee for the Halloween Horror Nights and is available for reservation only.

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