Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Might Have Revealed The New Captain America

By Kristoffer Pimienta , Sep 30, 2016 09:03 PM EDT

Last night's episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D ‘Meet the New Boss' was a jaw dropper.

For the past couple of months or series, Marvel had Kept O'Mara's character a mystery. First there was an speculation that he's a henchman or a spy but last night's revelation says something else.

Actor Jason O'Mara was introduced as the replacement of Clark Gregg. Gregg's character is none other than Phil Coulson, the director of the so-called organization. O'Mara will be the new director as they hinted and teased for the past episode. And he's character will be, Jeffrey Mace.

Yes, it is Jeffrey Mace. Now who is Jeffrey Mace?

Jefferson Solomon "Jeffrey" Mace was born in Brooklyn, New York where he work as a reporter for Daily Bugle and was inspired by Captain America to become a hero, someday. Marvel hinted that the new director has roots that extended back to 1940's in Marvel history. Well, Mace has significant backstory in 1940's in the comics.

Jeffrey Mace first appeared way back 1941 in The Human Torch #4 comics. This is when Marvel was still known as Timely comics. He then go on with the name the patriot and also known once as....Captain America!

The Patriot character never gained popularity unlike its Timely buddies, The Torch, Prince Namor or Captain America. Patriot doesn't have any special powers. He's an ordinary man but a superb athlete with exceptional hand to hand combat.

Patriot even went on a hiatus for almost a decade. In 1970's, he reappeared in the first popular Kree-Skrull War story. Namely The Avengers in 1972 and The Invaders in 1876. Alongside with Captain America, Prince Namor and the Torch, they fought together as teammates in World War II. Patriot was identified as part of the team called Liberty Legion, alongside with Miss America and the Whizzer.
The episode last night might not have fully introduced him as the new Captain America but basing on the books, Jeffrey Mace was not only called as the Patriot, but once called Captain America.

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