Deepest Underwater Cave Discovered In Czech Republic

By Staff Reporter , Sep 30, 2016 09:25 PM EDT

Man, with his newest best friend, technology, joined forces in September 27 and was able to discover the world's deepest underwater cave. 

The cave is found in Czech Republic and it is called Hranická Propast. The amazing Hranická Propast is 1,325 feet (404 meters) under the water. Meanwhile, the second deepest underwater cave is Pozzo del Merro in Italy; which is only 39 feet (12 meters) above Hranická Propast.

The brave and determined diver from Poland who is Krzysztof Starnawski was the first to discover Hranická Propast back in 1999. It was righ then and there that he was able to observe the limestone formation he found that made him conclude that the cave could be deeper than normal. His observations made him decide to study and explore the cave more in depth which he was granted to and supported by The National Geographic. Since then, he took more dives to the underwater cave for the past two years to be able to study it more in elaborate detail. With the assistance of the ROV or remotely operated vehicle recently, he was able to determine that the Hranická Propast is indeed the deepest underwater cave.

In 2014, the polish-diver once took a dive and reached 656 feet (200 m) in which he thought that he was already at the bottom of the cave but before he could confirm, he was able to find another opening that seemed to have lead to a tunnel and was only able to reach 1,260 feet (384 m) due to shortage of the line.

When he returned to the cave again last year, we found out that the narrow passage that he found the previous year had widened and was able to squeeze through the passage and with the help of the probe, he reached a whole new depth that measured 1,214 feet (370 m).

On the 27th of September when he again took a dive and finally reached the bottom of the cave that measured 1,325 feet (404 meters) with the help of the ROV.

Marcin Jamkowski, a member of the expedition team and an adventure filmmaker, told Live Science that the Polish-diver was "keen to explore the deepest parts of the system".

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