Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: List Of Game Mechanics You Need To Know

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 01, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Reddit users are going for shortcuts and in-game features of the Pokemon Go game. The slider at the side of the Pokemon screen can let players scroll the entire list, and they do not need to drag it for a lot of times. Then, players can press and hold the Pokeball menu button, then they can drag and release on any option that they need to open, so players doesn't need to keep on tapping for multiple times.

To heal Pokemon multiple times, players need to tap multiple Pokemon at once, so healing them individually is not needed anymore. Tapping the "Oh?" screen with two fingers can skip the hatch animation. The "transfer succeed" option can be tapped so that it can be dismissed. Once players click on the compass, it aligns the view with north. Clicking it again will enable it to move the view, so that it can align to where the phone is facing. During a gym battle, swiping the screen will switch to 'mon screen. The appraisal screen may be tapped with 1, 2, or 3 fingers, so that it will be able to skip many screens.

As for evolving a Pokemon, it can reward with one candy. For example, if a player has a Squirtle and 124 candies, then the player can have the 100 for a Blastoise if it evolves into a Wartortle. The map screen could be tapped once, then pressing quickly and holding it will let the players zoom in and out using your finger to move up and down. This is an alternative technique for zooming, aside from the pinch. The Candy icon, which is in the buddy screen, shows the Pokemon buddy's CP/Moves/Total Candy Count. When a Pokemon's name needs to be deleted, "OK" should be pressed so that it can return into its default name.


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