Gears of War 4 Horde Mode 3.0 Survival Tips: Using Death Hallways, the Fabricator, and Gun Lockers Strategically

By Gen Que , Oct 01, 2016 05:05 AM EDT

The Horde Mode 3.0 is the latest iteration fans will find in Gears of War 4. Similar to the mechanics in Gears of War 2, the developers add a few twists and changes to make this more exciting in the upcoming game. The objective is very easy, players need to stand their ground and withstand every attack that comes their way. Here are some tips to get out of this mode alive all in one piece.

In Horde 3.0, players can now clearly choose which class their character will be: sniper, soldier, engineer, scout, heavy, or engineer. To ensure ultimate survival in the battlefield, each team should have each of these classes. This said, it is highly recommended that players use class-specific skills because they are more powerful than general abilities. For example, a Sniper can execute an explosive headshot by using a card that specifies that action.

Another new mechanic found in Horde 3.0 is Gun Lockers, which allows players to store their weapons. The Gun Locker will reload the weapons overtime and provides some high-powered ones as long as there's some ammo left inside it. This is extremely helpful after beating a boss wave where players receive an airdrop containing a number of special and high-powered weapons, such as rocket launchers. Just keep on storing them to keep the team ready for the next boss wave.

The Gun Locker can be purchased from the Fabricator. Players need to keep in mind that in Gears 4, base defenses are not preset like in the previous version; therefore, they have to make sure the Fabricator is placed in a very strategic position. When a Fabricator appears in the middle of the map, players can then drag it and place it wherever they want to put it in the map. But here's the thing: as players drag it around and decide where to place it, the enemies start to spawn around. After players drop the Fabricator in its place, the clock starts ticking. Players need to immediately fortify their defenses after that as the attack will come shortly. The Fabricator can be dragged in another place while the battle is ongoing; however, it does not stop the clock.

Just like in previous Gears of Wars, players will encounter 50 waves and the Boss wave happens after every 10 waves. From the 11th wave to the 20th, the enemies get double health and damage points, and increase every 10 waves thereafter. For players to survive the final waves, they need to build death hallways, which are actually sentries and fortifications, to withstand the enemies and claim victory. 

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