iPhone 7 Exploding an Isolated Incident, No Recalls Happening Soon

Just recently, an iPhone 7 Plus allegedly exploded while on its way to the owner. This instantly sent the tech observers into a frenzy, as many feared that it is going to be like the whole Note 7 fiasco again. However, recent reports suggest that it is an isolated case and will not likely be a cause for Apple to issue a recall.

According to Tech Times, the possible cause of the exploding iPhone 7 Plus is an unknown outside force and not battery problems. The handset was taken out of the box already burnt, meaning the incident happened not during charging nor while in usage by the owner.

iPhone 7 Plus Explosion Cause

There are speculations that something may have happened during shipping that resulted to the iPhone 7 Plus blowing up. But Apple has yet to provide an official statement, which may outline the cause after an investigation.

A report from Mashable further observed the photos shared by the Reddit user kroopthesnoop, concluding that the phone received a physical blow. The burn marks indicate that the battery caught fire, which may be due to the heavy force applied.

The report did not discount the possibility that the iPhone 7 Plus may have exploded on its own, but noted that it is highly unlikely since handsets are usually turned off while in transit.

iPhone 7 Plus Explosion is an Isolated Case

Although it may cause some worry, especially after the reported injuries caused by the exploding Note 7 batteries, reports advised fans to stay calm. There is reportedly no need to worry that their devices will start exploding while charging, as this is an isolated case so far.

This means that an iPhone 7 recall is not happening soon or at all, unless this turns out to be a bigger and global issue. 

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