‘Dragon Ball Super' Episode 61 Spoilers: Zamasu Keeps Loyalty To Zeno The All-King, Secret Of Super Saiyan Rose Power Revealed?

By Bien R. Gruba III , Oct 03, 2016 12:20 PM EDT

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 59 and 60 have both just aired and speculations about episode 61 are spreading. Fans' excitement continues to build up following the revelations in the last two episodes.

There are hints that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61 will further elaborate the motives behind Zamasu's genocidal actions. Also, the reason why Super Saiyan Rose overpowers Super Saiyan Blue might be explained.

To recap what happened in Episode 59, fans saw Beerus, the God of Destruction destroy Zamasu with one word.

Beerus' overwhelming power was met with various reactions from fans on Twitter. 

One user said it was about time the God of Destruction showed what his name truly meant.

Another user said that that Beerus was truly on a whole other level compared to Goku.

In Episode 60, fans were shocked to know that true Black Goku is truly Goku himself! The body has been taken over by the mind and consciousness of Zamasu when Zamasu wished to the dragon god that his consciousness be transferred into the body of Goku.

The last two episodes reveal interesting plot points that may explain where the series is headed.

In episode 59, Zamasu stated his life philosophy: "I simply obey the justice of the gods. The justice of exterminating evil."

Zamasu believes that humans use their wisdom for evil and spoil the world through violence. He is convinced that gods like himself have a duty to destroy evil and not just watch over it passively.

This information implies that Zamasu does not see anything wrong about his actions. He thinks that he is fulfilling his duty as Zeno's appointed Apprentice to the Supreme Kai of Universe 10. 

It can be recalled during the tournament of Beerus and Champa, Zeno stated that he can remove and appoint new Gods of Destruction if he wishes to. This authority naturally applies to Supreme Kais which Zamasu is part of.

This speculation is supported by the fact that Zamasu did not wish to the dragon god to exchange bodies with the diety Zeno the All-King who is the single most powerful force in all of creation.

Since the super dragon balls can grant any wish without limitation, it is an interesting point that Zamasu did not aim for the highest power in all of reality if his motivation was simply to rule the world for his own sake.

Apparently Zamasu's loyalty to his duties before the Zeno the All-king drive his "Zero Human Plan."

Another interesting hint that the two episodes showed was Zamasu's ability to absorb power.

Black Goku and Zamasu kept on saying since Episode 57 that they are thankful for the Z fighters because every time the evil duo fights them, they get stronger.

This suggests that the two villains seem to have an ability to absorb the energy and skills of opponents they fight.

This was hinted in Episode 57 when Black Goku used instant teleportation against Goku surprising the Saiyan since Black never showed that he knew the technique in their first fight.

Black Goku also partially mentioned about this when Zamasu lamented that Black Goku should have an immortal body too. Black Goku replied saying he is more than happy for the infinitely rising power he has, which he said is necessary for the "Zero Human Plan."

This apparently explains why Super Saiyan Rose kept on overpowering Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue.

It is not that "Rose" has a stronger base power than "Blue" but instead it has the power to absorb the ki and abilities of Goku and Vegeta allowing Black Goku to level up his power instantaneously.

It was also observed that for Black Goku to do the absorbing, he needs to be physically hit by his opponents. In his second fight with Vegeta, he allowed the Saiyan prince to repeatedly hit him before fighting back.

Fans need only wait six days more until all of these are made clear in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 61.

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