Flawless Victory: How To Defeat Destiny’s 'New Raid' Without Dying Using Three Players Only

By Kristoffer Pimienta , Oct 02, 2016 08:26 PM EDT

Winning a game is a matter of skills, patience, tactics, and techniques. And this team just flat out destroyed Destiny's new raid.

Remember the Legend Clan, Destiny fans? Well, clan members, SC Slayerage, EPICOOKIEZ and xDom just went out and finish Wrath of the Machine raid without dying. Yes, you read it right, no one died during the raid and what's more amazing is, the other player had multiple issues with his controller.

While other players are struggling and taking time to master the new fort, members of the Legend Clan is doing it in style. The three-man team is not new to the game and their group echoes greatness. The team was able to complete Wrath of the Machine in less than hour, dodging, zipping, and killing with masterful precision like Steph Curry's shooting.

Communication is the most important element in a team game. The crew showed impeccable discipline and impressive communication throughout the game. Each member knows the importance of having a teammate, everyone played their role and was able to fulfill it perfectly. Again, they were able to finish the raid without dying.

A video was released already on their epic feat and one thing that is noticeable is, SC Slaverage's controller keeps on disconnecting while they were taking on the raid's final boss, Aksis. Damage phase was costly to the team but they regroup and successful killed Aksis.

The gameplay Team Legend provided will be set as a blueprint to any Destiny players who would love to follow their footstep. A lot of players are trying to master the game right now and a lot of struggles are shown on every game channel. Team Legend might be the first to do it but certainly not the last. Maybe someday, Aksis will be killed with solo player only. Who knows, everything is possible like what the three-man did.

Wrath of Machine should be done with six-man team but I guess Team Legend only needs three. Is the new raid to easy? Or is Team Legend really that good.

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