How To Find Porygon In Pokemon GO

By Sarene Mae Butao , Oct 03, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

There is a theory that Porygon can spawn near courts and administrative buildings. TheSilphRoad post indicated that a possible specific spawn pattern of Porygon can be seen. A total of two days tracker data was collected, and this theory has since been verified. Therefore, it can be declared that this theory is indeed true. A data set was collected from different desktop trackers, such as PokeMesh and FastPokeMap. These data were obtained from different urban location all over the world.  A total of 35 cities, 16 rural locations, and 7 public transportation areas like train stations and airports were the sources of these data.

According to the Pokemon Go Hub, there was a total of 15 MB worth of data that were obtained from the two days of data gathering. The following data was figured out. There were 378 Porygon encounters within the 1250000 spawns, so there 0.03024% chance for a Porygon encounter. There are 291 Porygon spawns, or 76.9%, within the vicinity of the court house or administrative building. The distance is near or less than 1 KM (0.621371 mile) with respect to the court house. It also includes all urban Porygon spawns. As for the Spawn Breakdown, there are 291 spawns which can be seen within less than 1 kilometer from court or law buildings.

There are also 53 spawns that were observed in less than 5 kilometers from court or law buildings. There are also 34 spawns that were observed within more than 5 kilometers distance from court or law buildings. The Open Street Maps tags was used in the calculation, for example- amenity = courthouse, and office = government. These calculations, however, did not correlate with each other. According to the results, Porygon did not spawn within the vicinity of the government building. It can only spawn nearby law-related edifice. 


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